Package 1

Custom Poster 18"X 24"
Ready for framing indoor use only

Package 2

Custom Showboard 18"X 24" (for outdoor use)
Laminated front and Back and then trimmed

Package 3

Showboard, Stand and Poster
FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA

About Don’s Showboard

At Don’s Showboards we design and build custom showboards and posters for the car enthusiast to be shown at shows, auctions or to hang on the wall in your office, home or garage at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to give our customers a 100% custom design that will describe to spectators, car show judges or bidders at auctions exactly what makes their car special.

When building your showboard we use only the highest quality material on the market. You, the customer, will be involved with the designing from the beginning to end. We will do whatever is necessary to keep you, our customer 100% satisfied with our product.

How We Work?

First step is to complete the order form found on our website and send us digital photos of your car. You can send the photos via email:

If you prefer to transfer them to a CD/DVD (any Wal-Mart, Walgreens CVS etc… can do this for you if you don’t have the equipment) and then mail them to us at:

Don’s Showboards
165 Equestrian Dr.
New Hope, PA 18938

We’ll design a first draft and then email it to you for your comments and suggestions. We’ll make any changes and send you a second draft. This process is repeated until it’s exactly the way you want it. We do not ask for any payment until you tell us go ahead and build it.
We print onto a high quality coated paper and then it’s mounted onto 3/16 Gator-Board for a rock hard surface. This is very important because Gator-Board will not melt like other material does when stored in a hot place like a car trunk. It’s then heat and pressure laminated front and back then trimmed on all 4 sides with a 1/4” U-channel high impact permanent frame. The frame adds a great finished look as well as protection if dropped. Lastly we attach 2 magnets to the back, which secures the board to the stand.

Being a car guy I know how important it is to insure that a gust of wind won’t send things flying into your expensive paint job. That’s why we’ve designed and manufactured these heavy duty all metal stands. You drive the front wheel of your car onto the base of the stand or you simply pinch it under the front tire. The stand will also work alone. Then you simply attach the showboard to it, the bottom stops hold the board straight and the 2 strong magnets attached to the back of the will board keep it secure.


Don, I just received the showboard today along with the stand and posters. The showboard is everything you advertised it would be and so much more!! Awesome job!! As you know, we worked through a couple of changes to the artwork as the job progressed, but you satisfied my requirements and went way beyond my initial request with some great ideas. I was just studying some of the detail work you did and cannot find any flaws anywhere. Your attention to detail is second to none. I have always said…Dick StoebelManchecter, CT
AWESOME * AWESOME * AWESOME The final product is one of excellant quality and workmanship. Don is a very patient & reasonable Gentleman to do business with.GCSBensalem, PA
A big "THANK YOU" for the great job you did with my showboard!! I received so mant compliments at the meeting last night. Everyone was so impressed with your work and love the presentation. I can also say that the price is a bargain compare to the com petition! I can't wait to display it with my Vette at all the upcoming shows.Joel F.Philadelphia, PA
Got it yesterday Don. Looks great! Thanks for everything!Dale
Don, just got the show boards---- you did a fantastic job!!!!! We do about ten shows a year and you will be highly recommended.Tony and Jo.
Hi Don Just returned from Barrett Jackson and wanted to thank you for all you've done. Your showboards worked great...they got a lot of attention (especially for my car). The stands were a perfect size and held the boards perfectly and at a great height. I did see some of your showboards there.....they also looked good. The post cards were a huge success. I can't believe I went through over 600 cards. Everyone wanted to know where they could get them, I gave them your info...a lot! Some guys…Joe (Kid) Curry